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Courses Offered


Pre-Primary School Education
(2 Year)
Certificate in Pre-Primary Teacher's Training
Early Child Care Education
Beauty Culture
Stenography Hindi/English
Bakery & Confectionary
Food Processing
Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables


Bakery & Confectionary

It is a great delight to be able to bake delicious cake & pastries. All it needs is a bit of skill and training to be able to do this. Baking is an art which does not need a lot of heavy infrastructure and one can easily start earning with a small unit a home.


After going through this course, the students will be able to:

  • Develop skill in various baking procedures
  • Know various kinds of ingredients used in banking
  • Have working knowledge of equipments needed for banking
  • Start a small bakery unit at home


1. Self employment: Set up a bakery at home.
2. Wage employment: As a worker / baker in bakery / To get a job in Senior Secondry Schools as trade teacher.

DURARTION: 12 Months


Food Processing

In this day and age it has become imperative to process and preserve the food being produced in one particular area in order to make it available to people in other areas. This has given rise to very important industry of food processing which is being done on a larger scale as well as on a small scale i.e., as a cottage industry it has thus become necessary to train personnel to set up and run these enterprise.

12 Months



1. Wage Employment:
(i) as a worker in a food processing unit.
(ii) as a trainer/teacher

2. Self Employment:
(i) as owner of a small food processing unit.

Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables

Our country is blessed with an abundance of fruit & vegetable crop. In order to avoid post harvest losses, it becomes imperative to preserve the product. As a result food preservation industries have emerged everywhere. Alongside the demand of trained personnel in the field has also increased substantially. Successful processing and preservation of foods can lead to number of economic activities like newer techniques of fruit and vegetable preservation, starting up a small scale industry or production unit or developing new products, etc. But one must posses the required expertise and skills to run food preservation as a profitable business.

DURARTION: 12 Months



1. Wage Employment: Purchase Assistant, Production Supervisor, Assistant Quality Control Supervisor, Instructor for food preservation and relaxed work experience in schools, collages, ITI's and Polytechnics.

2. Self Employment: Running a small scale industry or production unit manufacturing various preserved products from vegetable and fruits. Running Hobby/Demonstration classes.

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