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Courses Offered


Pre-Primary School Education
(2 Year)
Certificate in Pre-Primary Teacher's Training
Early Child Care Education
Beauty Culture
Stenography Hindi/English
Bakery & Confectionary
Food Processing
Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables


Computer Teacher’s Training

Computer has become an important part of human life. Computer is the much interesting subject and teaching with computer can make very effective and enhance the skills. This course gives opportunity to students to develop their personality & teaching skills and stand them different from ordinary computer literates. Students would be provide in this course thorough knowledge of computer starring from basic to advance level. The course also contains that how to teach a child. This course will help the students to become a better teacher in the field of computer and can get a better job in computer institutions, schools, colleges etc.

DURATION: 12 Months



  • Fundamentals of computer.
  • Motivation & students psychology.
  • Networking concepts.
  • Method of teaching & English communication skills.


  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Chart File & Project
  • Windows
  • MS Office
  • Adpbe Page Maker
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Internet Usage
  • Tally
  • Personality Development


After passing through this course students can go for self employment or wage employment. They can find the job of a data entry operator, Junior Programmer, Assistant, Software Technician or any other computer related Job.

Fashion Designing

In the modern days, the peoples are going more & more aware about the fashion, and they are centralising in their body line, cloths & dress up awareness about fashion is important in modern life and the shops / beauty culture centres are growing very speedly. The make up and hair care & settings has become regular pad of daily life of girls and women. But there is quite shortage of trained hands. Now a days there is a vide scope has been developed of employment in this vide field.

Keeping in view of those requirements of trained hands in this profession the syllabus of this course has been framed objectives:

1. Familiarise learness with the techniques of makeup.
2. Prepare them to get employment.

DURATION: 06 Months



  • Theory- One Paper


  • Makeup and Body Perfection
  • HairCare&Setting
  • Dress-up & Jewellary Designing
  • Demonstrate Mehndi Application fora bride with the help of cone.
  • KnowledgeoftoolsofMakeup

Early Childhood Care Education

These days, thedemand for pre-school education has increased tremendously. Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) as well as Early Childhood Education (ECE) is mostly offered in the unorganized sectors. Most of these institutions in the country are run by individuals, private bodies and NGOs. By and large, personnel associated with these institutions are found to be under-qualified and untrained. Therefore, there is pressing need to provide opportunities to these personnel for adequate vocational training. Since they are unable to join regular institutions, ills necessary to provide required orientation and training through open and distance teaming system.

The objectives of the ECCE course are:

  • To develop understanding of the foundations of pre-school education.
  • To develop understanding of growth and development in early childhood (0-6 yrs.)
  • To develop skills to manage an Early Childhood Care and Education Centre.
  • To enable working effectively with parents and community for education of pre-school children.

DURATION: 12 Months



The ECCE course comprises of the following three subjects:

  • Understanding the Child
  • Early Childhood Care and Education - Principles and Processes
  • Organising and Managing an Early Childhood Care and Education Centre.

There is internal as well- as external evaluation for certification as per details given below:

Theory - 70 marks of each subject
Practical - 30 marks of each subject

The practical work wilt be evaluated internally.


  • Helper at an Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Centre or at an Early Child-hood Education (ECE) Centre.
  • Worker at an Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Centre or at an Early Child-hood Education (ECE) Centre.
  • Self Employment Opportunities: Can set up his/her own ECCE/ECE Centre, Play Centre.
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